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Why Priceless Granite & Quartz?

At Priceless Granite we understand that you can purchase stone from any number of suppliers but there are not many companies in the entire Pacific Northwest like Priceless Granite. We have all of our own inventory which allows you to purchase just the amount you need without buying the entire slab. That has great advantages when doing extra rooms in your home.

We import but we are also the fabricator and installer. When you visit the Priceless Granite showroom you will be able to view our full slab inventory, make selections and get an installed price. We are also able to recommend a number of other subcontractors to help with your project, like plumbers, electricians, cabinet companies, appliance companies and even hardwood specialists. We truly are a one stop shop for your kitchen remodel project.

Please read our testimonials. We realize you can purchase your stone from anyone, the difference is our people.

Can I put hot things on my granite without hurting it?

You can take things right from the stove top to the stone without reservation. Natural stone generally holds up better to heat than engineered stone. The stone is also a great “cooling rack” for cookies.

How often do I have to seal my granite? Do I have to seal the granite all the time?

We recommend sealing any natural stone. Sealing products are so much better than they were even a few years ago. Priceless Granite offers a 15 year warranty with all stones sealed at our manufacturing plant.

Do you sell engineered stone? Why should I choose granite and not engineered stone?

We do sell engineered stone and we display it in our showroom. The consistency of these materials allows you to purchase it without seeing the entire slab. There is a place for every product and the reason you would potentially purchase engineered stone over natural stone is consistency. Most natural stone holds up better to heat than engineered stone and most natural stone has a lot more variation and character. The natural beauty of stone is amazing when compared to a man made product.

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