Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Bothell and Woodinville, WA




You will find many homes in Bothell and Woodinville with beautiful Priceless Granite & Quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops.

We are known to specialize in both highly unique natural stones only imported to our location but also the highest quality granite & quartz materials for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Priceless Granite & Quartz has been proudly serving the cities of Bothell and Woodinville for over 15 years.

From sharp looking and unique stones, you will find stunning granite or quartz kitchen counters, to replacement of bathroom countertops.

We have a collection of literally hundreds of different colors of granite to over 250 different quartz varieties.

From our state of the art showroom, almost 2 acres of granite slabs, and state of the art equipment, your visit to Granite Falls, WA will help you find just the perfect countertop selection and is a quick drive from Woodinville and Bothell.

We have installed granite & quartz in contemporary homes along with new construction and remodels.

Much of our work is evenly divided with remodeling projects or custom built homes in the Bothell or Woodinville areas.

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